• Inquiry-Based Learning

    Engaging Students with Inquiry

    JUNE 24-26 Earn graduate level credits while learning to use inquiry in the classroom. Join Chris Cahoon, M.Ed and Lynne Cop-Fullbrook, M.Ed as they explore how to create, develop and implement these high-octane lessons.  

  • NIWP Summer Institute

    NIWP Summer Institute

    NIWP Summer Institute (July 6-10)   Summer is upon us and, while the world continues to believe it is the time teachers float about, idly eating bonbons and sipping champagne by the pool, we know that summer is our bootcamp. The time we train and retrain so that  each new year is our best year, ...

Thank you for visiting our developing site.  As you can see we are undergoing some serious construction, or for those of you writers, revisions.  This is in conjunction with our redevelopment and refocusing of our vision and purpose to support teachers across our region.

Please come back often as we work hard to increase our ability to support writers in the classroom with research, trainings, and new opportunities.  This is an exciting season to be a part of NIWP and we look forward to connecting with you during this positive transitions!

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Please enjoy your time as you look through our site exploring the many resources, classes, retreats, and conferences available to you.  We are currently under construction and more resources will be added regularly as we continue this process.  Thank you for your graciousness and please come back often to see what new surprises await you!

For more information about the Northwest Inland Writing Project please contact:

Mary Orr

NIWP Director

College of Education

University of Idaho

Coeur d’Alene, ID