Northwest Inland Writing Project (NIWP) exists…

to empower teachers in northern Idaho and eastern Washington in becoming teacher consultants and leaders in their community and schools.  To accomplish this, NIWP recruits experienced teachers to attend their annual Invitational Summer Institute(s) focused on the writing process across every discipline.  NIWP has been sponsored by the University of Idaho’s College of Education for many years.  This affiliation allows NIWP to maintain a strong presence for area teachers by providing them with opportunities in professional development, including workshops and annual conferences.  NIWP has received grants that have provided teachers with technological devices such as Chromebooks, Samsung Galaxy, and Pivot Head Video glasses, along with support for its use in the classroom.  NIWP has also provided in-school professional development for teachers that focus on the different needs of the school.

The National Writing Project now has over 150 projects found in almost every state, and NIWP is proud to be part of this organization.