Digging in to the Common Core

Not so very long ago teachers had a simple standard; teach the three R’s.  That seemed good enough until it had been mastered by so many that the public realized that neither writing nor arithmetic started with an R and so that standard was laid to rest (which should have been the fourth R).

Through the century the standards have continued to evolve and become more fine tuned to the needs of the children they served. Not only was mastery a focus but developers and theorists started to recognize how critical cognitive development was to determining the “when” of what a child can or will master.  These details helped shape and form the standards that have been used by each state until recently.

Now with the Common Core we are able to collaborate across state and expect similar educational standards throughout our great country.  These new measurements have brought with them a myriad of advantages, a few inconveniences and one big problem.  Teachers need to learn the new standards.  As professionals we want to be well versed on the these things and yet as professionals who wear 10 or so hats we have very little time to really dig in deep.

Here is where NIWP comes in to save the day.  We have access to specialized trainings and mini-seminars that will help teachers dive in without drowning!  We have also recently discovered a few tricks to make the process…dare we say…FUN!

Give a shout out to one of our board members or email us directly to find out how you can bring this excitement to your school!