Past Courses

Please feel free to explore some of the past events we have led and enjoyed together as teachers and writers.

“Our Point of Inspiration”

Writing Retreat

Join us from July 23rd-27th for an inspirational time with visiting writer Anna Wolff as she shares from her writing experiences and offers individual writing conferences.
You will be enveloped by the scenery, enchanted by the wilderness setting and encouraged by the fellowship you will join into with other writers.


“Digging Deep into the Common Core” Course

This summer NIWP will be offering two different week-long classes to help you dive into the Common Core State Standards.  There will be a class both in Moscow as well as Coeur d’Alene.  Check out the webpage and sign up today!


On-Site Professional Development

NIWP is also offering trainings that will help your staff dive deep into the Common Core.  We have high quality sessions that will engage the staff at your school as each member digs into the new standards and begins to develop a strong framework of how the Common Core will develop and emerge in your district.  Email us at NIWP to schedule a class at your school!