Common Core Literacy and Writing Class



After many years, many meetings and many revisions the Common Core State Standards are finally ready to be rolled out into the public school systems of 48 of our Nation’s states. Now the question needs to be asked, are the states ready to receive the Common Core?  More specifically, are the teachers, who are mandated to use the Common Core, feeling prepared?

University of Idaho and the Northwest Inland Writing Project have teamed up to help ease our local teachers into this transition.  Please join us for two four-week classes designed to help you become very familiar and comfortable with the Common Core.

COST: $50 per module or $80 for both

SCHEDULE: Jan 28th through May 5th

TIME: 9:30 am-12:00 pm

LOCATION: University of Idaho Harbor Center (1031 North Academic Way Coeur d’Alene)

REGISTRATION: Please register in person at the first class




Participants in Module 1 will

  • Develop an understanding of the Common Core State Standards in Literacy and how these apply to particular grade levels and across grade levels
  • Compare CCSS to Idaho State Standards
  • Apply CCSS knowledge to curriculum planning
  • Apply CCSS knowledge to lesson planning
  • Cultivate CCSS leadership capacities


Module 1:                   Introduction to CCSS & Literacy: Tools to Tackle

Jan. 28: Class 1:                   Introduction to CCSS

Feb. 11: Class 2:                  Unpacking a Standard*

Feb. 18: Class 3:                  Curriculum Mapping  – Rebuild 1

Mar 3: Class 4:                   Curriculum Mapping – Rebuild 2


*Bring a favorite unit or lesson with Idaho standards to Feb. 11 class.

Participants in Module 2 will

  • Develop an in depth understanding of the CCSS for Writing
  • Investigate the anchor standards for writing as well as grade level standards
  • Apply CCSS for Writing to lesson planning and delivery

Module 2:                   CCSS and the Writing Standards

Apr. 7: Class 1:                  Introduction to Anchor Standards + Argument 1

Apr. 21: Class 2:                  Argument 2

Apr. 28 Class 3:                  Narrative + Expository 1

May 5: Class 4:                  Narrative + Expository 2

Please contact Emily Duvall with any questions you might have or to register for these classes.